Bleeping Computer describes how a fake Midjourney AI Facebook page promoted malware to 1.2 million people, and how hackers are using typo-squatting, replacing a single letter in trusted domains ex to steal 2FA keys and passwords.

Rilide is a malicious browser extension masquerading as Google Translate while monitoring browsing history, capturing login credentials and bypassing 2FA.

Without proper virus protection on your computer, you will get hacked.

I came across BitDefender and purchased a license after a few weeks of testing. This post is not affiliate, but a recommendation based on my personal experience.

TL;DR Desktop and mobile, light and unobtrusive, real-time protection, suspicious site blocking, ransomware protection, hourly threat updates, privacy and parental controls, free VPN, install on five devices with one license. Mobile app has anti-theft to locate, scream, remotely lock, and in worst-case erase.

I'm on the 'Total Security' plan. There is a free desktop version with basic protection, and a free Antivirus Mobile App - they will nag you to upgrade.

How does this work?

BitDefender is doing all the talking to "the Internet" and websites you visit. Your browser receives data scanned by BitDefender.

This enables BitDefender to intercept and analyze encrypted traffic ("https") before passing it on to the browser, blocking dangerous or malicious links, content, and downloads.

You'll notice the browsers 'padlock' SSL certificate is issued by BitDefender when active.

OK, does it work?

BitDefender, along with Kaspersky and Microsoft, earned a perfect 10-point aggregate score based on results from three anti-virus testing labs in a review by PC Mag. Kaspersky is Russian tech, BitDefender origins are EU, founded 2001 in Romania.

And yes, it works, when downloading live viruses from research sites it triggers immediately

Blocked application

BitDefender also protects my privacy by blocking suspicious links and notifying when apps use microphone or camera.

Discreet but present

BitDefender does not get in the way. Threat information is silently updated several times per day. Overall light on resources, using 350 MB RAM on Win10.

BitDefender resource use

Parental controls

Five devices are included in one subscription. Install BitDefender on your kids computers and phones. Not only do you protect their privacy, but also keep track of which apps they are using, monitor screen-time, see where they are, and block browsing to categories such as porn or social media.

Free VPN - yes, really free

200MB same-country daily traffic is included on the free VPN plan. Kill-switch built in, if the VPN goes down no traffic leaves your computer. A USD 40 yearly subscription enables multiple countries & unlimited data.

A few useful utilities included

  • One-click optimizer, cleaning up junk files from drives.
  • Profiles - optimized settings for gaming, movies, work, and when on battery.
  • Anti tracking, kills 3rd party cookies in browsers. Firefox users already have this functionality with the cookie-jar.

With the user in mind

When checking if BitDefender is running the mouse-over says "You are safe". Highly recommended, give it a try at This is not an affiliate link, but a recommendation based on my personal experience.