Did it all began with the water striders gliding gracefully among the serene water lilies? How did they manage to walk on water? As a child, I recall spending long summer days in a dusty attic, surrounded by rolls of thread, fabrics, and textures that ignited my senses.

Water striders. Skräddare 'tailors' in Swedish.

Today I close my eyes and go with the flow of images, voices, shapes. Voices echo and laugh. Texts, quotes, more images and I feel the scents and the touch of my fingers in wordless expressions.

Now, I find myself closing my eyes and letting the images, voices, and shapes flow freely. Laughter echoes in my mind, along with texts, quotes, and more vivid images that evoke scents and sensations. When I was between the ages of 13 and 15, my curious mind embraced the idea of computers, and I found myself fascinated by the transistors in silicon at the RIFA plant in Kista, as well as the intricacies of assembler programming. In the CPU the clock ticked away, and the pipeline pushed forward. All the while, everything remained visual in my mind, as shapes, movements, and patterns danced before my eyes.

Left to my own devices I found a general method for learning things. Today I seek the rationality of things, feel the thought behind it all. What did you want to achieve, what obstacles did you have to overcome.

Black and white photograph of a cat on a outdoor stairwell
Patterns in life

I am content with my solitude, cherishing the opportunity to explore various fields of knowledge. In Sweden, they use the word "alone," but I prefer the English word "solitary" as it connotes a sense of fortune.

I have studied engineering in Sweden and earned a fine arts degree in the United States. Throughout my career, I have worked as an interactive learning producer, programmer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and media producer, and I am fluent in Swedish, English, and German. I have the ability to see patterns, identify disruptions, and aim for harmony in everything I do.

But above all else, I am a proud parent to three incredible children who will soon be adults. I look forward to passing on everything I have learned to them.