Where did it all start. Perhaps with the water striders among the water lilies. How do they walk on water? In the attic in the dusty light through the window among the rolls of thread, the sheets of metal, the straps, the fabrics. Textures, smells, sensuality. Long summer days with just nothing to do.

Water striders. Skräddare 'tailors' in Swedish.

From primary school I remember the unbearable boredom that turned into carelessness and carefree ease. This would cost me dearly in life, but what do you know when you're a kid? It took more than a few hard knocks from life for me to understand.

Today I close my eyes and go with the flow of images, voices, shapes. Voices echo and laugh. Texts, quotes, more images and I feel the scents and the touch of my fingers in wordless expressions.

Embraced the idea of computers when my brain was at its most curious, 13-15 years old like that. Transistors in silicon at RIFA plant in Kista, instructions in assembler programming. The clock is ticking and the pipeline is being pushed forward. Everything is still visual in my mind, everything is shapes, movements, patterns. It is beautiful. I so wish you could experience it.

Left to my own devices I found a general method for learning things.  Today I try things out, seek the rationality of things, feel the thought behind it all. What did you want to achieve, what obstacles did you have to overcome.

If anything, it makes my life demanding rationality, purpose, meaningfulness. I don't endure purposeless activities. I try, but I just can't. It makes me restless and lethargic at the same time. This leaves me somewhat solitary -  the English word has a touch of fortune and that is what I am, humbly grateful to be able to venture into many areas. The Swedish language only has 'alone', it's the language of the collective.

Studied for an upper-secondary engineering degree  in Sweden and the four years in the US for a Bachelors degree in Fine arts from New York University.

Interactive learning producer, programmer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, media producer. Speaking, Swedish, English, German.  I see systems, flows, disturbances and imbalances, harmony and lustre.

More than anything, I am in some crazy wonderful way the parent of three absolutely amazing children. Soon they will be adults. I will teach them everything I know.