Geoffrey Hinton, the renowned British-Canadian computer scientist and cognitive psychologist, has long been hailed as the "grandfather of AI" for his pioneering contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.

Hinton's work has been instrumental in shaping the core of modern AI. Following a decade-long tenure at Google, Hinton has now made the decision to relinquish his position in order to dedicate himself to addressing the concerns he harbors regarding the future of artificial intelligence.

"We are building machines that will be more intelligent than humans," he cautions.

Yet, these advanced AI models don't know love, pain, suffering, friendship, or hunger. They are, for all practical reasons, machines. They run on batteries and will get the job done.

Hinton's words underscore the critical need to grapple with the ethical and societal implications of AI as the technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. As one of the foremost authorities in the field, his insights and guidance will be invaluable in navigating the complex challenges that lie ahead.

Geoffrey Hinton share some deep insights on the existential threat in this interview by Jon Erlichman on Twitter/X..