The Franco-German team Hillebrand & Ghillebaert invented SMS, Short Message Service.  Most likely they were unaware of what was ahead.

Battery operated wireless phones with global coverage? Done. Why would anyone want to send a 160-character text message? The idea was machine-to-machine communication to send control signals. Exciting things like "UNIT TC6656 ONLINE" or "TRANSFORMER T62 AT 6700KW".

Nokia 5190. Credit: Mike Hakemon 

Surprisingly, users went bananas sending "Sorry, she means nothing to me" (54 characters) and "We need more cornflakes" (28 characters). Five billion people send and receive text messages globally today.

Short text messages are easy for a machines to decode and process. "Next train to Stockholm?" We know the phone's location, it's about transport, and the destination is Stockholm. This can be resolved with machines in a simple way, or a bot specifically.

The integration with the Telegram messaging service is seamless. All the hard work is already done; building Android and an iOS app, managing users, processing messages in real time, positioning, image management, video.

We can start creating the experience and interaction right away. I used the Flask application engine along with uWSGI against nginx. Everything in the Digital Ocean cloud Affiliate link - thank you!. Now my Python application can receive messages, process them and reply to the user through the Telegram platform.

The Telegram bot