Smartphones drive me crazy but it's not like there's a choice. BankID, mobile banking, Soundcloud, train and plane tickets, SWISH, Skype, Google Maps.... revolutionary apps that it's very hard to manage everyday life without. A smartphone, however, completely lacks touch. It's a sheet of glass.

So I use a Nokia E71 from 2005.

Nokia E71

The E71 is a reliable workhorse. Lightning fast to call and text. I can talk for hours. Possibly Nokia's masterpiece. Several days of battery life. Bluetooth & WiFi. Alarm clock. Podcasts. FM radio. Sync with Google calendar and address book. Music player. Speak-and-spell voice synthesis. Virtually unbreakable steel shell. And, a real keyboard.

I think we humans like to touch things, a glass disk is kind of not what we need. Tactile interaction is the future.

Thank you Are Sjøberg for sharing photo of E71  under a CC-2.0 license