Publish your Ghost blog on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Add newsletter subscribers from pop-up forms . Get new subscriber notifications in you Telegram channel. Send a welcome e-mail. Translate to any number of languages. Generate images for social media posts. is the glue making all this happen, integrating Ghost with pretty much anything, very much like Zapier but done right - visual, fast and at a reasonable cost.

With, Ghost can talk to Twitter, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Gmail, Airtable, OpenAI, Notion, Slack, Telegram, Facebook, Google Calendar / Docs / Sheet / Drive, Microsoft 365 Email, Monday, HubSpot, ClickUp, Discord, Webflow, Instagram, WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, Stripe, Trello, Dropbox, ActiveCampaign... and then some.

The flow of data is visualized in what Make calls Scenarios like this...

Screenshot of content flow in Ghost and
Ghost with integrations in

Behind the scenes Make uses API's and web-hooks, turning data into building blocks. Here's a Ghost post in Make:

Data is routed and modified without writing a single line of code; all in a visual interface.

Zapier is good for simple A->B tasks, with a frustrating UX and ridiculous pricing. is next-gen, 10.000 operations and unlimited scenarios for $9/month is more than reasonable.

Make is free to use for basic projects - sign up using this affiliate-link and you'll get one month on the Pro plan to test all features.

If you need help powering up your Ghost blog with Make get in touch, I'm a Make certified developer, and here's my link to Ghost Experts.

Magnus Helander
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To see Make in action with Ghost read my forum post on automated translation of Ghost posts using the DeepL Translation module....

Multilingual Ghost - automated translation of posts with Make and DeepL
Here’s how to translate your posts to any language instantly for free (well, 500.000 characters / month) with DeepL Translate and Make. Links, images and Ghost Cards are preserved in the translation. Steps to enable translation Register a free API account on DeepL Translate Create a custom Inte…

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