Insanely great things can be done with a Raspberry Pi for $40.

For audio on the home-LAN the challenge is to get the digital stream of ones and zeros over to the analogue amplifier in best possible condition. Somewhere you have to create an analogue signal from the digital information - you need a DAC, digital-to-analogue converter.

There are enthusiasts chasing the purest 192kHz/24bit sound. Dock the Raspberry with a HiFi Berry DAC Digital-Analog Converter and... massive OMF!

Or why not try an Allo Boss DAC with 384kHz/32bit DAC.

I'm not a HiFi fanatic and lack 'golden ears' so I manage with a USB sound card from Native Instruments. Plugged it into my Linux file server and play with MOC player - music on console using ALSA drivers.

Native Instruments Traktor with MOC Music On Console

Take a breath. Pause. Get Down and rise up. Tube & Berger-  Alegant

For Linux Geeks, here's the ALSA configuration for Traktor 2 USB on Debian 11.