Make your own sports drink! You have full control of the ingredients and get down under 30kr per kilo.


We don't burn glucose, but Adenosine TriPhosphate ATP with water, heat and carbon dioxide as residues in the citric acid cycle. This is way beyond my comprehension - so let's just call it glucose, OK?

There are a few different ways to get glucose into your muscles:

  • A starch maltodextrin, which after digestion can be absorbed directly in the intestines, doesn't need to pass through the liver.
  • Powdered sugar and cane sugar, sucrose, pass through the liver and become glucose.
  • Dextrose is an aldehyde type glucose in solid form - goes straight into the body.
  • Fructose is a ketone and can be absorbed after processing by the liver.

If you only consume glucose, you get sugar shock, insulin kicks in and you get a very uneven energy level.

We want to mix the fastest carbohydrates with those that take a bit longer to convert to glucose for a more even level in the blood.

Sports drinks

Most sports drinks and gels contain a mixture of Maltodextrin, Sucrose and Glucose.

Enervit, for example, has 28.4% dextrose, 17.3% fructose and 2.6% maltodextrin.
Some also have caffeine as a performance enhancer.  Tailwind has about 100mg/100g, i.e. one 100mg tablet per decilitre of powder.

Branched-chain amino acids, BCAAs, help build muscle and increase endurance. Some believe in it, others don't. Either way, it can't hurt.

Recipe, 1kg powder mix

An ultra-verified sports drink recipe comes here - you'll need a digital scale because the measurements are by weight. This is a Maltodextrin/Fructose mix inspired by uMara/Maurten.

  • 550g Maltodextrin
  • 450g Fructose
  • 50g BCAA powder, flavoured
  • 25g Electrolytes/salt with sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium.
  • 1000mg Caffeine, optional

Mix with water to consume 1/2 to 1 dl of powder per hour during hard exercise. The body can absorb a maximum of 80 grams of carbohydrates per hour.

Where are the ingredients?

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Salt, electrolytes
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Seltin is a mineral salt with equal parts of sodium chloride NaCl and calcium chloride CaCl and 10% magnesium. Perfect! Available at ICA/Coop/etc


Pure BCAA tastes absolutely disgusting - use flavoured! Cola, Lime or Lemon balance out the sweetness well.
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Mortar caffeine tablets from the pharmacy.