Filmmaker. Streaming media & media tech. Entrepreneur. Photographer. Online learning. Parent & family coach. Ultrarunner.

Always curious.

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How did I get here?

Books and a super-8 camera. An engineering degree and the first home computers of the 80's. BFA Tisch school of the Arts, New York University; storytelling, narratives, script-writing, film production.  A year at Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

“We just need more dots to connect. You should develop broad personal interests in a variety of subjects. What you present to the world should be narrow and show deep focus. In other words, generalize internally, and specialize externally.”

Here is my CV online and you can follow my running adventures on Strava.

Mattias and self racing Kullamannen 100miles. 

A big question

Images, voices, photographs, narratives. The fabric of the reality we live in. Deep-fakes, AI, speech-synthesis. Multiple narratives, multiple explanations. What can you trust? What can you believe in? We no longer have a shared understanding. Everything is possible, everything becomes relative. Inner journey to the tranquility of the soul, or external extremism and dogmatism?

The images below were generated from the text prompt 'young tattooed yakuza girl holding sword full body from front'. Midjourney AI did the rest.

Midjourney AI generated @charliebond

Tech for this site

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