Filmmaker. Streaming media pro. Photographer. Performance Marketer. Web developer. Writer. e-learning producer. Parent. Ultrarunner. ....  

Jack of all trades, master of none. Sort of, the master skill I have is to get things done. Creating context, vision & purpose. Engaging.  The from-zero-to-one guy. Media, Humans and Machines.

When asked about a title Creative Technologist is the best one I've found so far. For the details  my CV is online here. Welcome to follow my running adventures on Strava .

Age five, I would guess

How did I get here?

Books and a super-8 film camera.  An engineering degree and the home computers of the 80's.  Undergrad Film/TV at New York University, storytelling, narratives, scriptwriting.  Then the Internet happened and.... things got interesting. Modems, streaming media, video production, e-learning, web technologies. Really interesting.  

This person does not exists - and how do we approach that? We can trust nothing - images, voices, photographs. I find this intriguing.  

Tech for this site

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My personal consultancy you can find at - I'm happy to engage with Ghost development, analytics, publishing, e-learning, video production, streaming media, webinars, knowledge management and online marketing projects.

Welcome to contact me using this spam-shielded e-mail or by phone +46-723-416784.